Dimanche 03 juillet 2011

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(moved China Wang Shi 2011) big eyes light up a smalldictionary

- Internet users endow, Network Chongqing, April 19 (XinhuaAfter the Nearly 50,000 to the dictionary for a torch, and the beam ambitionclarify the same flowers in the needy countryside children learning the

a dictionary of the eyes of the eager lust

the eve of Spring Festival, Chongqing, village Official Oakland Raiders Jerseys,casual wastage of parents and grandfather had each of the 8-year-old girl Liangflowers.

long with with the Zun said: flowers family from the beamback apt town afterward Zun bought her a sack, and coupled with stationery,water color pen, pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener, job of this, there is aclimate, slippery laborious, as the 1st period apt flowers left by home a40-minute mountain Official Pittsburgh SteelersJerseys, half-way crash a dozen times.

think big couple of eager eyes, Zun and Xu Yuanbin flowerseventually came home another over the mountains. Received a gift of flowers isa new dictionary the moment the eyes light up, filled with surprises and meetthe 8-year-old newborn girl this face - this moment, the camera lens beneaththe refrigerate flowers see.

Subsequently, this photo was posted to the Web, flowerswonder huge eyes and the hands of dictionary users speedily guide to a lustycare. User shake push

beam flowers and the Can not afford a dictionary Official San San Francisco49ers Jerseys, or dictionary of the martyrs undergoing from piracy, apoor mountainous areas and a children's article is

Chongqing Fengjie gold 8-year-old small village primaryschool and then the naval, the exercise paperback to write five times a word ora typo, the educator denounced very aggrieved. His teacher and afterdiscovered, the military is small and then a pilfered dictionary. Yao before the teacher,the students accustomed pirated dictionary illegible, children can not nail,the class 46 students, 2 / 3 of folk use pirated dictionary.

Ssangyong Town, Wushan County,Chongqingflowers bamboo school sophomore Xu Xing manganese particularly difficult forthe kin can not afford a dictionary, but he studied very hard. Once, a teacherdelegations so that children can work back and read the txt, Xing Xu ofmanganese found a good home do not understand the words, because there is nodictionary, Xing Xu stronger manganese to find out a few fashionable words, hejust walked for miles mountain, to a dictionary students at home to retard outentire the vocabulary.

research showed that more than 1.3 million in Chongqing,left-behind children in rural places, absence of dictionary or dictionary ofthe primary use of pirated extra than 15 million people. Beam where the flowersYouyang County, the digit of depressed families to reach 6314 students who, atleast two years the proportion of students without a dictionary almost 60%,even now there is more than a dictionary of students using a pirateddictionary. CastleVillage PrimarySchool with 142 students, for instance, only 30dictionaries, including 12 or piracy. Wang Lihua second-year students aboardthe teacher to Liu Yan students have not found a quest of the word dictionary,Wang took her merely to find the dictionary, this dictionary piracy notice anyone

small brick 'to impart knowledge, many people unwittinglymake life good enough.

fifty thousand dictionaries ten million Internet consumersadore love

mandate, issued to the Internet, there is no genuinedictionary accumulation for poor students, while also collecting donations

friends can be equivalent sincere

this event preoccupied nearly a hundred friends in loveauction, final subnet cried Qin said namely ever since their go in Bangkok,Thailand with his wife and daughter equitable peruse the first grade, favorablealive conditions, children did not muse the mountains have no access to eventhe dictionary. See friends,

Yuzhong District, Chongqing City,the experimental 2 primary initiative of the pupils: Genuine dictionary, sothat they can use knowledge to change the fate, to establish the future withhope! Come, companion, let us deed immediately! child's hand in the mountains.

Work-school students sponsored volunteer activities, workearnings via donations mortgaged love dictionaries; ChongqingLake volunteers to carry out all realestate real estate in Lake million propertyowners' love dictionary

appending to the love of friends appearance of Chongqing,too from Chengdu, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other districts of the userscontained in a kind of ways, recently dispensed to the Chongqing Qianjiang,Pengshui, Wulong, Wushan, Wuxi, columns and other remote and poor counties.This dictionary will be nearly 50,000 light fifty thousand rural children's'school center.

Up to now, users have donated dictionaries flower mart 

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Vendredi 01 juillet 2011

Man held in Beijing Normal hand Newspaper intern reporter Cao Zongwen photo

Man held in Beijing Normal hand Newspaper intern reporterCao Zongwen photo

WASHINGTON ( intern correspondent Su Xiaoming ) a man wearing a mask ,hand- held

yesterday morning Official Indianapolis Colts Jerseys,reporters in the School of Psychology, Beijing NormalUniversity to see thedoor , a man wearing a mask holding a hurrahed to passing teachers and studentslive .

the man who shrieks himself Handan, Hebei . Its more than a monthto come to Beijing, the purpose is Professor of Psychology and face to face .

journalist ashore the scene four hours nfl jerseys store,numerous onlookers , Reporters interviewed more than Beijing Normal Universitystudents , maximum of them consider New York Giants Custom Jersey,

Beijing Normal University , said Xu Yan , Dean of Psychology , University will nobypass the man's action , the customary teaching mandate tin no be broken. Shesaid to be fussy of a discipline , ahead of to look into it , she would verymany favor private individuals to learn and learn psychology,

welcome to comment to remark

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